Cambridge Colleges

Colleges in Cambridge UK

The various colleges in Cambridge add up as the ‘University of Cambridge’ so when we talk about the university it is in fact several colleges scattered all over the city of Cambridge.

Graduates at King's College, Cambridge (HDR photo by Chris Robinson)
Graduates at King’s College, Cambridge (HDR photo by Chris Robinson)

While as a tourist you are curious and eager to see these beautiful buildings from the inside (we understand!), the colleges in Cambridge are actually functioning educational institutions of the most competitive and successful kind. Imagine if all the tourists could easily wander about the buildings, and disturb the work of students and professors. No wonder, the colleges are quite strict about who can go in and out of the gates. On the one hand, the college is like a mum, an alma mater, protecting its students from the massive crowds of tourists. On the other hand, the colleges in Cambridge UK are making considerable profit from tourism, so on certain days, and in some parts of the colleges, tourists are very welcome.

Tip: if you get to know some of the Cambridge University students in a pub, they may be happy to take you in for a short walk.

Some of the most beautiful and world famous colleges are:

King’s College, Cambridge

King’s College is probably the most photographed college in Cambridge, the signature landscape with a fantastic, church sized ‘chapel’, the King’s College Chapel built in Gothic style with many little turrets,  dramatic little towers poking at the sky to reach the top of the tops. There is a year-round entry charge at the college, but you can attend the church service free of charge.
Trinity College, Cambridge
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Queens’ College , Cambridge
St. John’s College, Cambridge
Christ’s College, Cambridge
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
Clare College, Cambridge


Gothic turrets Kings College Cambridge
Gothic turrets Kings College Cambridge – Sean Hickin Photography

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