Cambridge Tourist FAQ

The tourist FAQ is for Cambridge visitors who are first time in the city of Cambridge, England. We have been asked by many tourists the following typical questions regarding Cambridge and the county of Cambridgeshire. Also, many of the travel questions below are on Cambridge travel forums.

Is it worth visiting Cambridge? What can I see? What can I do?

Cambridge activities might best appeal to nature and culture lovers.

Top ten things to do in Cambridge UK

Cambridge is a lovely little town, in the best sense of the word, with a fantastic architecture, green parks, a nice narrow river called Cam, ducks, swans, boats, bikes, families flocking to the playgrounds, everyone picnicking, and of course, thousands and thousands of students from all over the world busily learning, partying, locals living their happy countryside lives, etc. The cultural and scientific events are abundant (plays, concerts, festivals, lectures, workshops, projects, etc. are available every day). Needless to say, pubs in Cambridge are quite popular too.

Cambridge from the Castle Hill
Cambridge from the Castle Hill

Cambridge is a famous university town, but it may or may not be your ideal travel destination. If you like big cities, and expect a huge city of more million inhabitants, metro lines, skyscrapers, mega size shopping malls, busy life day and night, you may not like Cambridge too much. London, on the other hand, will definitely be your place. If you are a man of nature who likes mountains and forests, you will find Cambridge flat and too civilised. City fans, mountain lovers and beach tourists will be disappointed to discover that Cambridge has more modest dimensions as a country town: gentle greens and blues, 2-3 floor buildings, historical architecture.

Where can I get a good view of the city of Cambridge?

Go to Castle Street and walk up the little hill called Castle Hill – basically the only hill or hill-like elevation / mound in flat Cambridge.

Is there anything to do in Cambridge besides visiting the colleges and punting on the river Cam?

Yes, there are several other programmes to make your stay more memorable. You can schedule your trip to Cambridge for one of the popular festival days, like the Strawberry Festival or the Secret Garden Festival. You can visit places in and around Cambridge, off the beaten track. What about going to a really truly nice park (some call it ‘enchanted’ ‘elfish’ ‘the Middle Earth’ etc.): Wandlebury Country Park, a short cycling tour from the city of Cambridge. Or having a lovely tea party under apple trees in Grantchester? Are you into jazz seriously? You could check out the jazz club Hidden Rooms in the city centre of Cambridge.


Cambridge city from the Castle Hill (photo by Juliette Culver)

Are there reliable taxi companies in Cambridge, UK?
There are several taxi companies that are quite reliable in Cambridge, UK. The biggest seems to be Panther Taxis, you can almost always see a panther taxi in the streets. They are not the cheapest, but they are fairly priced and have several taxis in their fleet (wheelchair or buggy compatible ones are also available but you may have to wait a bit more for them). Some of the cab companies in Cambridge:
Panther Taxis, Cambridge
A1 Cabco Taxis, Cambridge
Atlas Cabs, Cambridge
Cambridge Airport Taxis

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