King’s College Cambridge

King’s College is most probably the iconic landmark of Cambridge, UK. King’s College, just like most of the other colleges in Cambridge, belongs to the University of Cambridge, which is not one building, but consists of many fine buildings from various centuries.

Kings College Cambridge
Kings College Cambridge – Kosala Bandara Photography

There are several anecdotes you can hear about King’s College. Punt tour guides will not only show you the hidden backside of the Cambridge University Colleges along the river Cam, but will be happy to entertain you with some of the most popular and funniest stories related to the college life.

Our punter told us a story of the King’s College chapel. He said back in the day, students used to climb the buildings and leave things on top, to show their fellow classmates that they really had climbed it. One guy climbed to the top of King’s College Chapel and left a traffic cone on the top. The college put up scaffolding on the side of the chapel to take it down, but didn’t finish before night time. That night, the student climbed back up, and moved the cone over to the other side of the chapel. lol. Another story of the chapel… During WWII, Hitler said he wouldn’t bomb the Chapel, since it was his favorite in England. So everything valuable in the town went inside the Chapel. They took the stained glass down too, to protect it. But they forgot to write down where each pane of glass went. It took 3 years for them to sort out the glass and put it back up in the proper places.[…] Farther down the river, some students decided it would be a good idea to float down the river in a blow-up kiddie pool. It actually stayed afloat with all four of them in it!

(quote from a travelblog – Marsgrl200)

Kings College Chapel, Cambridge England

Kings College Chapel Photography: SEIER+SEIER
Kings College Chapel – Photography: SEIER+SEIER

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